Automated Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing

Ditanu provides a fully-managed service for automation design, controls and build. We design and deliver automated solutions for manufacturers to be efficient and empower competitiveness.


Ditanu’s proposal showed to me that you wanted to work with us and displayed the highest level of flexibility in the concept proposed.  At a high level it appears Ditanu was able to keep the cost at a reasonable point without sacrificing what we asked for.  Comparatively, others proposed larger footprints to accommodate additional robots as solutions rather than manipulating the part as Ditanu did.  The pick/place to light error proofing and the manual part fastening operation, to keep cost and cycle time down, shows Ditanu really understood the scope of what we want to do.

Process Engineering Manager | Building Products

Our experience with Ditanu is second to none. Specifically, I would like to point out that they have managed to assemble a team of professionals that well compliment each others’ knowledge, skills and abilities. Secondly, I want to state how I am impressed in the manner in how they conduct themselves shows through in their professionalism. In addition to these characteristics the team’s ability to adapt to any industry, in a relatively short period of time, and creatively interject with solid solutions to overcome industry challenges and obstacles.

President | Advanced Product Finishing