Whether you are in the market for a machine tending system or are looking for a way to assemble your product, Ditanu can draw from years of experience in delivering advanced industrial solutions to help you produce product faster and cheaper.

Some of the solutions we provide…

  • Machine Tending Systems
  • Finishing Systems
  • Processing Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Assembly, Kitting & Verification Systems
  • Manufacturing Systems


Heavy Part Assembly
Industrial Products Assembly
High Volume Assembly


CNC Machine Tending
Metal Processing
Product Finishing

Quality Control

Vision Inspection
Force, Pressure & Vacuum Testing
Flow & Leak Testing
Precision Metrology & Gauging
Identification & Traceability

From flexible solutions for high-mix low-volume operations to solutions designed for low-mix high-volume production, our systems are custom tailored to meet your products’ unique processing and finishing requirements.